NOW my hair wants to play nice 😔#rude #TeamNoSleep


Chloe Bennet: a summary.

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I don’t think I’d ever seen this as the full shot! Nice.

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Illustrator Lili Chin's adorable series Dogs of the World illustrates 192 breeds of dogs grouped according to geographical origin.

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Once Upon A Time 4x01: Hook and Emma share a cute moment and KISS! 

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a caskett playlist

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i have such a busy schedule. i may have to cut out “studying” to make room for “crying over tv shows” and “4 hour nap”

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Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas reunite to perform “This Is Me” and reenact the scene from Camp Rock [Staples Center, LA - 9/27/14]

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there are so many groots


there are so many groots

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